A Promising Future for Union City

Economic Recovery

We must keep a focus on job creation that opens a pathway to realistic careers. Strengthen Workforce Development programs and initiatives, which will assist thousands of residents and those in our neighboring cities to capture in-demand, good-paying jobs.

We have worked hard to secure a strong foundational financial position for the city, and we have built a strong economic road for Union City’s future.

  • Attracting major entertainment and dining options to our community
  • Creating additional new jobs
  • Generating a city budget that is driven by inclusive equity that provides prosperity for all Union City residents, and businesses


I take the COVID-19 public health crisis very seriously. Keeping Union City safe and healthy is a key priority for me. Cities have been using agility, creativity, and community spirit to respond to the challenges of Covid-19.

Throughout this pandemic we’ve faced numerous setbacks, and have seen the best of Union City, from our frontline workers to neighbors volunteering to support their neighbors. COVID-19 has exposed huge inequalities. With our economically disadvantaged communities being hardest hit, the pandemic intensified the urgency for cities to reshape their economic landscape.

Union City Businesses

From plunging revenues to shuttered storefronts, the COVID-19 public health crisis has driven too many small businesses to the brink of collapse. Our Union City locally owned and operated businesses are the social, cultural, and economic heart of the community.

This past year has left many of our small businesses unsure if they can continue. We won’t chase problems; we’ll focus on chasing opportunities. We can't allow their uncertainty to become a reality. The financial pressure of COVID-19 gives us an opportunity to take action while partnering on ways to help them stay alive, survive and thrive.

Recreation Activities

Investing and growing our Parks and Recreation system is vital. Like culture and art, recreation, leisure, and sports activities play an important role in communities.

Recreation, leisure, and sports activities is open to individuals, families, small groups, teams or whole communities and are relevant to people of all different ages, abilities and levels of skill.

  • Improving the health and well-being of everyone
  • Contributing to the empowerment of individuals, and promoting the development of inclusive communities, which has been extremely important during this COVID-19 pandemic as a limited restrictive outlet

Public Safety

The health and safety of our residents is our top priority. Bring crime to Union City, and we will deal real.

Union City Fire Department responded to over 4,000 emergency medical calls in the last year. This, along with the city's growth, underscore realities for us: we have to start planning for a future fire station and a new engine is needed to secure Union City.

Emergency Preparedness

  • Safety
  • Security
  • Our People